07/16/13 - posted by W.M.
For a cold, my Mom would rub my chest down with a lot of Vicks Vapor Rub. Sometimes she would place a small (old) steam vaporizer on the nightstand. The vaporizer sorta resembled an old coffee cup (without a handle) on a saucer with an electric cord, and it heated about a cup or so of water, producing steam when it reached near the boiling point. She would demand that I stay in bed all day as well and would continue to add water into the vaporizer throughout the day.

Mercurochrome was also a staple in our house for cuts and scrapes and I can remember the tell-tale red stains all over my knees and arms sometimes with a bandaid over the wound. I guess the FDA reclassified it's status down to "untested" and now it isn't really sold in the US anymore. Hydrogen Peroxide was also within our first aid "arsenal" and I used to love to watch it "bubble up". It was kinda like performing a science experiment.

Nowadays I "get over" a cold by actually eating things that I can dip or cover with hot, spicy mustard like a good corned beef or pastrami sandwich. Oh yeah, and there is always chicken soup... "Feed a cold..."

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