06/27/13 - posted by Paul Hoobyar
Sorry to hear about Bill Firpo's passing. Great guy. He was my homeroom teacher and PE teacher. I didn't play JV ball, and when I went out for Varsity, he was still the JV coach. After I graduated, I hung around his place with a bunch of GWHS graduates, including Doug Guillon.

I remember one time Bill was in the hospital for a kidney stone. I stopped by to see how he was doing, and he'd just placed a big ol' rock in his bedside piss container, and he'd called a nurse to tell he he'd passed his kidney stone. The rock was about 4 inches long and two inches wide. The nurse was young and new, and she bit on his prank—and he's playing it totally straight faced and showing great relief that he'd finally passed the damned thing. I had to run out 'cause I couldn't keep from busting up laughing.. Way fun.

Condolences on the passing of a helluva good man.
Paul Hoobyar
GWHS class of Fall 1966
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