05/26/13 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut

My parents called it a "couch"

I've always preferred "sofa"

Of course, we were from "back East," and it took us a while to learn to speak the local language.

We noticed a paper bag was called a "sack"

We also learned "chintzy" referred to cheapskates, cheap stuff, and/or cheap "etc."

Mom yelled at us if we called our evening meal "supper," even if an occasional main meal was at Noon, and we were in deep $#!+ if we ever called our Noon meal "dinner"

The "Mission Accent" added to our general confusion. (This was discussed some time ago. As in, our neighbor referred to a glove as a "grub")

I need to allow my sometimes slowed down memory to boot up. I may have more later. (Or I may not. We'll see)
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