06/06/13 - posted by jb
My most memorable recollections of the Coronet are:
1) Buying tickets in advance at a separate box office.
2) The luxury red velvet seating that really rocked.
3) Almost every movie was a spectacular with a souviner book you could purchase. I have several of these hiding someplace in my attic.
4) These wax, orange-shaped juice containers which, after drinking, your could chew on for hours.
5) "Intermission"
6) Falling madly in love with Audrey Hepburn all over again in "My Fair Lady," after she sang "Just you wait." The romance continues and we just watched her on our Mediterranean cruise in "Roman Holiday." Next to Shortcake, she was the best looking woman on the ship and I was alone with both of them in our cabin.La Dolce Vita!


PS: Her suitor in MFL is Jeremy Brett who went on to play,in my NHO (not-so-humble opinion), the best and most-authentic Sherlock Holmes on film, aging rapidly before our eyes with each passing case due to heart problems and life style.

Tragically, these star-crossed lovers both died in their early 60's; yet, still live on so vividly and vitally in the celluloid characters they created. Perhaps we should all make a YouTube while we "Wait Until Dark."
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