05/28/13 - posted by Tom
San Francisco has always been a good place for new words and new ideas - this continues even now...

After reading the above replies I noticed an ad for "Historic Homes" for rent downtown (Tenderloin Apartment for Rent); I also recall a frined from way back when who called me and said I just replied to an ad for a Nob Hill apartment. I asked him where it was located, he said at Van Ness and O'Farrell Streets... Nob Hill gets around?

San Francisco never lacks for wordsmiths with creativity even after Herb Caen's passing.

I fondly recall going to the Symphony one evening and having Mr. Caen come up to my aunt and say Hi to her. I also fondly recall going to a Society of California Pioneer's Luncheon 25 years ago when their building was where the new courthouse is just north of city hall. Most of those folks have passed by now, but were a very charming and witty group.

I too have heard short time San Francisco visitors refer to the outside lands as the suburbs, I guess they think downtown is the city and OSL is in the county?

That would explain the City and County of San Francisco - The city is downtown and the county is west of downtown?
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