01/14/13 - posted by W.M.
I never was a surfer, but I was a musician. During the latter part of the 60's I can certainly remember the "beat of the drums" that were impromptu percussion jam sessions that took place at Kelly's Cove up at the seawall. At any given time there could be anywhere between 1 - 100 different players of conga drums, bongos, timbales, tamborines, marachas, steel drums, or just about anything you could hit with your hands/sticks or shake to make noise. It was kinda like listening to the original Santana band on steroids at times. Sometimes good and sometimes not, but always fun. There were times when the sound of the drums complemented the crashing of the breakers along the shoreline which was interesting.

A couple times we brought accoustic guitars, but those were only heard within a few feet of where we sat as the percussion dominated the sound. Others occasionally played a saxophone which was better heard over the drums, and a few players were really good. All in all the whole gathering of musicians and spectators resembled something you might have seen in Golden Gate Park during "The Summer of Love", however, with the sights and sounds of the ocean in the foreground, it provided a totally different atmosphere while still being about music, peace, and love.
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