01/24/13 - posted by MIKE

Kelly's Cove? Wow! Great old days in S.F. It was the best.
a lot of guys sat on the wall and weren't surfers, I used to meet Hal Rydell and Bert Hammeral also Rich Bruckmen, (not to sure on the spelling on Bruckmen) at Kellys. My memory fades as to all the guys that hung out there. Me and Bert had hot boats, we'd meet at Kelly's and then go water skiing in the bay. Every now and then. We'd get a little close to alcatraz sometimes and they'd send a launch after us, but they never had a chance.-- ok, why was Kelly's Cove named Kelly's Cove?? I don't know.
p.S.--- how about Dick Nelson, a.k.a. Dirty Dick. A legend in his own time.

Mike Lyons
Bend, Oregon
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