12/29/12 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
I haven't contibuted a lot over the past six months or more, because I've discovered my memory batteries are running low, and there's no way to recharge them!

When I first joined in the WNP conversations I only had so many stories to contribute, and they all have been told. Occasionally, another Poster recharged those batteries with a tale that resurrected a buried memory of mine, but even that has become few and far between!

So, I just want to wish everyone at the OutsideLands a very, very Happy New Year, and give grateful thanks to those who continue to "remember," or research like mad, to contribute more stories and historical facts to this amazing site. I will still be "tuning in" to the WNP station, but more as a reader than a contributor... (I will be making a contribution in another post...but after that...who knows?)

Bless you all...
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