08/04/12 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
W.M. Dear...Ah yes - never underestimate the cunning of the female sex. I forgot to mention that the Larson teacher was a "tough guy" - but I liked him the minute I met him. And, when we jumped into the deep end, he had a long pole within our reach if we couldn't make it over to the side. The poor fellow never realized that it was a Sadistic Amazonian Woman, in the past, who destroyed his well-meant efforts before he could even begin.

As far as the Tonga Room and its pool goes - I actually went on a date there in my college days. I LOVED the raft in the center of the pool, which held the band. Also was charmed by the fake rainstorm. Then again, during that date, no one forced me to jump into the pool and swim to the side, much less "blow bubbles" in the water!
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