12/03/03 - posted by Roy thomas
I attended Parkside School in the 1930's & early 1940's. I sincerely hope that a way is found to save the old school.
I have memories that are burned into the ancient timbers of Parkside School....."Jumping" the stairs on skates from upper to lower yard outside Miss Whiteside's office. The teachers who made us aware of the world....Miss Fitzgerald, 5th grade, with whom we listened to FDR's declaration of war against the Japanese Empire. Mrs Roscoe, who took the whole 7th grade class down into the "woods" to learn the names of flowers & weeds that I still remember, Mrs Sykes, who taught us to spell, Miss Miller, who taught Social Studies, the cloth webbing on the windows, (in case of bombing), the huge pile of scrap metal next to Mrs Williams "shack", at 24th & Vicente. Miss Brown & Mrs White's kindergarten classes, Mrs Behrens, who taught us to read, Mrs Jones, who was probably the best loved of the primary teachers..........Perhaps they should reconsider, spend some money to shore up everything, & let new generations of kids grow up amidst all those wonderful
ghosts of the past...
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