05/27/12 - posted by Nick & Tanya
Happy 75th to a true San Francisco Icon.

I was just thinking back to 1987, 25 years back to the 50th anniversary bridge walk and how it seems that it happened just yesterday. I cant help but recount the discomfort of feeling the bridge sway under our feet as close to 300,000 descended upon it that day. Definitely a memory for life.

Nothing reassures me more of being a native then when I catch a glimpse of the bridge from the window of a plane after a long time abroad, I truly know I am home and nothing makes me happier. I can only imagine the feeling of relief felt by the countless WWII veterans as they caught the first sight of the bridge off the deck of their ships. The Golden Gate is always there to greet us and welcome us home.

I cant help but think of the courageous men who designed and built such a marvel of architecture. Back in those days these projects were done without computers nor were the components made in China like they are now done for the new Bay Bridge span. Somehow through true American ingenuity, hard work, and vision things like the Golden Gate were done usually under schedule and under budget and were done beautifully. In that sense I think this bridge is not just a symbol of San Francisco but of our country and is a symbol of that independent and visionary greatness that we should work hard to reclaim.

Happy Birthday Golden Gate and Happy Memorial Day to all.

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