04/20/12 - posted by Mike Sullivan
How I miss my corner store! Pat and Ann Bonnano owned mine at
39th and Judah. Small in size, it held everything the young families in the outer Sunset needed. Unlike our impersonal Supers of today, Pat and Ann exuded that honest friendliness that kept customers loyal and coming back. They also had the best Deli meat and sourdough rolls in our parish! Our corner store was also the bank for many in our blue collar families as evidenced by the many IOU's taped to the cash register. I still remember my happy feeling when Pat would give me the "end" cut of either bologna or salami rolls...free.
The Bonnano's had two boys, Poly grads in the late 50's I believe, and both brilliant students. They epitomized the ideal of the American immigrant family.
Second place: Charley's Market, 42nd & Irving

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