04/03/12 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
OMG, Frank!!! You are AWESOME, and I cannot wait for the next installment......
A few observations:
1. The Oreo cookie celebrated its 100th anniversary on March 6th!
2. As you said, most Moms did not work, but many of the St. Cecilia moms I knew always got a part-time job (usually department store) prior to Christmas, to add to the coffers that bought the kids' Xmas presents.
3. Laundry? My mom was the last of the hold-outs. When she passed in 1973 she was still using her vintage wringer-washer, soaking and rinsing the laundry in double tubs, and hanging up the items to dry on clothes lines strung around the garage. (And she stubbornly continued to iron all the sheets, pillowcases, and even TOWELS.)
4. Dad's shirts - the ones that were sent to the cleaners came back with a cardboard insert. The insert always had some kind of little coloring-book drawing on it which I would fill in with my crayons. And Mom carefully saved the straight pins that kept the folded shirt in place.
5. Liver - I am a traitor to my childhood friends. I always looked forward to liver, accompanied by sauteed onions and bacon. Still do...
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