03/08/12 - posted by Dennis O'Keefe
I played for the Powergliders in 1954 and 1955. What a great experience. Kids from all over the city tried out for the team as it was the only Pop Warner team in the city. We practiced at the triangle next to kezar. My first year I wore a bright yellow sweat shirt and I think that helped. If I made a good play it was easy to remember me. We had a scrimmage over the Labor day weekend and the friday before they handed out uniforms to a certain few. I think they had 30 uniforms. I didn't get one but I did show up to watch the scrimmage. Lo and behold one of the uniforms was available as one of the chosen ones didn't show up. I was given the uniform and was lucky enough to make some good plays. I was rewarded with a uniform and MADE THE TEAM!!!
The first year I played mostly defense. We went 9-1 and our only loss was to Jacoby Motors of South San Francisco.
The coaches found out that I had a pretty good arm and my second year I was moved to QB. We had some really good players and we went 10-0
and beat Jacoby Motors to win the championship.
We had some really dedicated coaches: Bob Hassing, Jack Lacey, his brother Joe Lacey and Bill Gilmore. I think I am forgetting someone, sorry.
We got to play before the 49ers and then stay and watch the 49ers games.
My brother Rich played a few years after me and he also was a QB.
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