09/15/22 - posted by Bdavey
I was reading through some of the old messages and thought I would make my first contribution to this site...my wife and I are native SF...I grew up in Lakeside and my wife the Sunset...I was St. Stephen’s, SI, Santa Clara. My wife was St. Gabriel’s, Presentation, and SF State...we met on the 29 Sunset when I was riding to SI and she got on to make her way to Presentation but that’s a different story...getting to Frank’s question about where current parents in the outsidelands send their kids to school - my wife and I started out in Parkmerced and when our oldest was in kindergarten she was at St. Stephen’s...we then bought a house at 31st and Rivera...we kept our oldest at SS instead of transferring her...she then went to SI then Gonzaga...next daughter was SS, SI and University of Portland, next daughter was SS, SI and now currently at Gonzaga...youngest daughter was SS and currently at SI...I enjoy reading all your comments...I can relate to a lot of them but had different experiences growing up..in my family I was the youngest of 4...three older siblings were boomers but I’m generation x...my wife and I still holding down the fort at 31st ave and not going anywhere...I have a little bar in the garage with some SF stuff in it and about a year ago obtained a pic of FDR which was inspired by Frank’s article and the pic of FDR he received from his friends house...great story...have a good day everyone! Bart
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