03/27/12 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
My stepdaughter, Ellayne, attended Lowell for 1/2 of the tenth grade. She had a leg injury which kept her out of school just long enough to fall behind, but not long enough for the home teacher which would have been sent out for individual instruction. She really didn't like Lowell very much, and most of her friends were attending Lincoln. Roy and I tried to convince her Lowell was wonderful, to no avail. So, we bit the bullet and transferred her to Lincoln.

If I had other children, of course I would have preferred Lowell. I also would have hedged my alleged influence by insisting we live within the Washington boundries.

Speaking of transfers from Catholic schools: One kid mysteriously appeared in my reg (our fancy Lowell term for homeroom) for the second half of the ninth grade. I don't know if he was kicked out of SI, his parents didn't have the money for him to continue, or what/why had caused him to spend the next 3-1/2 years at Lowell. (In this age of Too Much Information, just asking him, along with hundreds of other questions concerning many other people/situations, never occurred to me.)

I believe an honest analysis of a child's personality and interests, not just intelligence and grades, would result in a better fit. As mentioned above, it does help to have many more educational choices.

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