02/26/12 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Darn it, Karen! We could have given the dear nuns a run for their money!! :)
And, although St. Rose was a very fine school, "that neighborhood" did present certain problems from time to time - and some of them pretty scary. Looking back with more maturity, I now realize some of the poorer people in the area probably didn't appreciate all those little white girls in their "fancy uniforms" going to a "fancy school," which most of the Fillmore Dist. parents could not afford for their children. Fair enough.
By the time my sophomore year ended, I had deliberately flunked all my classes, simply to escape St. Rose, and SHOW my mother (typical teenager). I was angling to get to Mercy, but doomed myself. Instead, I had to go to a private school for a year (to bring up my grades), and then ended up graduating from Presentation! (Another very good school.)
But, as I said before, if I had had daughters, they would have been Mercy-bound from Day One! (And with my luck, they would have wanted to go to St. Rose...)
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