02/25/12 - posted by Karen K
Jo Anne--I wish you DID go to Mercy since you would have been one of my classmates! ..Funny how you said you "had" to be a Rosebud...I wanted to go there, secretly, since my best friend from St Stephen went there, but my parents did not want me in "that neighborhood" to attend high school!...It is interesting how no students chose Mercy in this era, since it is a superior school! (yes, I am biased)

Since we live in the Santa Cruz area, our daughters went to Notre Dame High School in Salinas (in a good neighborhood, believe it or not...and the boys school, Palma is down the street) One daughter went to Hartnell JC for two years before transferring into Santa Clara University for her remainder...(this is fun as her senior year she had a "mystery" roommate that turned out to be the daughter of the male I grew up next door to in SF!) The other daughter spent all four years at Loyola University-Chicago...
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