02/23/12 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
Just received my Alumni Notes newsletter from St. Cecilia's (with a nice article by our own Jo Anne Quinn on former Principal, Sister Michaeline Mary who turned 87 last November). Another article listed the high schools chosen by the 71 members of the SC Class of 2011: 27 to St. Ignatius, 17 to "Scared Heart Cathedral" (that's what it says!), 2 to Riordan, 2 to Lowell, and 1 to Washington, with the rest headed somewhere beyond the Outside Lands--so what ever happened to Mercy??

In another article, the SC Class of 2007 returned for a reunion before heading off to college. Those graduates listed 36 different colleges, but not one reported that they were headed for SF State or USF.

When I graduated from SC in 1966, fully half the boys went to S.I. and half the girls to Mercy. Four years later, a sizeable chunk of us were at USF or SF State. How things have changed...

So, Western Neighborhoods parents--what are the schools that you and your kids have chosen for high school and college?
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