01/16/12 - posted by Charles
Real life drama over Colma. Let me add to Frank Grant's account. The sky opened and we fell through the hole! The plane, operated by Varney Speed Lines, was a six-passenger Lockheed Orion 9, introduced in 1930, which carried passengers between San Francisco and Los Angeles at a cruising speed of 254 mph. The Varney operation joined with other firms to form United Airlines. After our brush with destiny this seven-year old, waving a length of ticker tape, decked out in necktie, overcoat, short pants and a silly grin got his picture taken, which I am now admiring. and reliving the aeronautical phenomenon known as air pocket. Driving back to our Parkside District home in our earthbound 1928 Dodge, we picked up mom and headed out to dinner at Roberts at the Beach to celebrate our survival.
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