01/16/12 - posted by Frank Grant
In 1934 my father, a pharmacist, won a contest from a drug supplier. The prize was a flight in a Varney Speed Plane. The flight was out of the old Mills Field, a small but just right size for the few number of flights in and out of that airport. Dad, of course, took his two sons on that flight, my brother Charles and myself.

It was, of course, our first flight. I remember that flight like it was yesterday. Well into the flight all of a sudden the plane dropped, which seemed to be a few hundred feet. Our father told us that it was an air pocket. Of course this was quite a scare for a couple of sub-teens. After we cought our breath we enjoyed the remainder of the flight which took us over much of the South San Francisco Area, the same area seen in the film clip recently provided for us by Paul Judge.

Every time in recent years when an air pocket drops me, I recall that flight so long ago.

Frank Grant
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