12/26/11 - posted by Shirley Krohn
I hadn't seen this film before Norm. Thanks for posting the link. What memories it brought back for me. I was a Senior at Poly in '55. Some of the recollections for me include seeing a maritime busy waterfront. My father was a longshoreman during this very busy marititime activity in SF. My husband and I are very good friends with Frank Sabella. Seeing Sabella & LaTorre at Fisherman's Wharf and knowing that family was much fun. I remember hanging out at Skateland while in high school. We had many social functions there during the mid-'50s. Also had many surfer friends during that time who hung at Kelly's Cove. Then on to the Hot House, ItsIt, and the Pie Shop. Too much fun! Driving along the Great Highway a route I took often on my bike! Living on 44th & Lincoln, I spent lots of time in Golden Gate Park. Thanks Norm. This was great fun!
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