12/24/11 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Hi Bob W.!!
This is like finding an unexpected gift underneath the Outside Lands Christmas tree! Welcome!! You have an admirable amount of stamina to keep going back and back through all those “previous 20 messages” until you reached the bottom of the WNP barrel. Awesome!!!

No, I am not related to St. Cecilia Class of 1974 Joanne Quinn, but I know of her. I’ve never been in direct contact, but I understand through Lilly Angelopoulos, the St. Cecilia Alumni Assn. Rep, that Joanne and I are the only two Jo Anne/Joanne Quinns ever to attend St. Cecilia! (Maybe separated at birth? Hahahaha.)

And, I’d like to give you Lilly’s email address: langelopoulos@stceceliaschool.org If you have not signed up as an SC alumni, I recommend you contact her. The annual St. Cecilia newsletter will be coming out in January. More and more past students are re-connecting with their old Alma Mater via Lilly….it’s pretty amazing…
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