12/23/11 - posted by Bob Winkelbauer
For the past few weeks I've been reading various post's on this message board and since I'm new to this I think the proper thing to do would be ask permission to post one.

A few weeks ago I started reviewing the various topic's and read the one's that seemed close to home, which where a lot of them. I kept clicking "view older 20" until I could not click it any more.

I experienced total recall like never before, but when I checked the latest photo's posted I was shocked to see 23rd and Vicente 1951. My father owned Gene's Richfield from day one and I spent most of my child and teen years there. Good times. So whoever is responsible, thank you.

So now after reading so many posts I may have some new memories to contribute.

Ron Ravetti: I'm pretty sure you knew my sister's, Mary or Ann Winkelbauer. How is your sister Michelle? I took her to see "Close Encounters" at the Coronet in '77. If not, never mind.

Maureen Mylett: I don't think you would remember me but I was good friends with John Dorsey and family. You where neighbors. I new all the people you mentioned on 25th and Rosemary court. I seem to remember your younger brother. If not, never mind.

Jo Anne Q: I know you where S.C. class of '60 but are you related to Joanne Quinn S.C. class of '74? If not, never mind.

Frank Dunnigan S.C. class of '66: Do you remember Jerry Winkelbauer '66? Here's some others, Mary Jo Johnston, Bill Jorgenson, Nick Luichi. Terry Johnston was class of '67 but ended up marrying my brother Jerry. If not, never mind.

Mark Heilmann: Do you have a sister Kathy? My sister Ann or Mary spoke of such person from Hoover mid school. If not never mind.

Nick&Tanya: Nick, you grew up on 21st and Vicente, I grew up on 21st and Vicente. Opposite ends of the block and ten years apart in age but I'm sure the experiences where the same. Alex Hidchenko here at UAL say's Hi.

Thank you for your times.

Bob Winkelbauer, Parkside'66/S.C.'74/Riordan'78

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