12/30/02 - posted by Susan
I grew up in the Parkside during the 60's and 70's. I share many of the memories mentioned in the previously posted e-mails. Three componets of "the old" Stonestown which I did not find in these e-mails were Joseph Magnin, (now Good Guys and Tower Records) Chandlers Shoes and the Golden Venus Spa.
JM was sophisticated but hip. (City of Paris and later Liberty House were sophisticated but for my Mom) Cyril Magnin advertised in a very distinctive "Mod" style which was first made popular in New York by Andy Warhol in the 50's. I remember buying platform shoes at JM in high school. (I went to Mercy just across the street) This was a big deal, after all a "Sunset Girl" should stick to Chandlers (and Leeds shoes) but the splurge was well worth it.
Chandlers was consistant: black/brown shoes in the fall, white shoes/sandals in the spring. (who didn't own a pair of Leeds sandals in which leather straps criss-crossed over your big toe and again over your foot, in the 70's?)
The Golden Venus was one of the first health clubs in San Francisco. People didn't join clubs for the sole purpose of exercising in the 60's. Exercising as a hobby (or to stay healthy) didn't take off till the 70's, but Stonestown was on the cutting edge. Actually I went "down" (remember it was under the outdoor mall) to the Golden Venus in high school and I remember it as being quite tacky. Greecian statues and fake ferns. Sort of a singles scene. Who knows maybe it was a secret gay hangout and we were just to dim to pick up on it.
By the way Mercy girls were forbidden to go to the Mall in our uniforms my second year at Mercy. I don't remember why. Shop lifting or smoking in public or maybe doing other things in public. Who knows it was the 70's.
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