01/03/19 - posted by Edith De Stefano
I lived in the studio apartments, on the second floor of a 2-story building facing the shopping center, from1965-1966 when I was a junior at San FranciscoState. The studio had a separate tiny kitchen looking out over a parking lot, as well as a dressing area/closet through which you accessed the bathroom.
I remember the Dollhouse Restaurant in San Carlos; it was on the southbound side of El Camino Real. There was a collection of dolls on high shelves. Each child was given a child-sized menu, with a 'coloring book style' outline drawing on the front. Each table had crayons for a child to use to color in the cover, which you then turned in to the Hostess. Next time you were there, your menu was posted on a wall by the Hostess station.maybe that was a second location for the Stonestown's ''Dollhouse'.
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