05/21/18 - posted by Shirley Colagrossi
My dad always bought his autos from the Cadillac Agency(his term) in Stonestown. In 1964 he took his 3 or 4 year old car in to touch up a scratch on a fender. He came home a few hours later with a new car. My mother was not happy. His excuse was that his new 3-month old grandson could not ride in an old car. His grandson - my son- still has that car. It's stored in a friend's barn.

Stonestown was a huge part of our lives. My Mom worked for many years at Crown Drug, beginning in 1952, the year Stonestown opened. I worked at Stonestown Pharmacy in the medical building next to Cadillac. I'm retired finally at 83 and starting to write a memoir using Stonestown to tell the story. I am so happy to have found this website.

Maybe your dad sold my dad his Cadillac in 1964?
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