03/31/07 - posted by Don Gonzalez
Just finished reading all the posts on the site and they brought back quite a few memories.

Like I said, I worked for QFI for almost 10 years and unlike todays so called Supermarkets this store actually had most of the registers open and not only that each register also had a bagger although us young guys would prefer to bag for the younger girls (Lynda, Nancie, Zoeann)but would also help out Pearl, Joanne and the others as needed.

Would take our morning break in Walgreens Coffee Shop across from checkstand # 10 where they would do what they could to get us served and out in close to our break time.

Down by Checkstand one was the Vienese Cake Box where you could get a great wreath cake for #1.39.

Across from the bakery was the Pizza Stand-Flower Stand and Chateu Gourmet, all owned by "Pitch" always present in his yucky yellow orange coat.
A real nice guy.

Like I said, I worked there for 10 years and when I see how the Stonestown of today looks like every other mall in the world it makes me realize just how good those old days really were!

If by some chance you read this and worked here too in the 60's and 70's please get in touch. Re: Stonestown Memories 1970's kelly troikes@verizon.net 1179028430 0 I just took my daughter to get her ears pierced at "Claire's" and she asked me where I got mine done, and it jogged my memory at what an important location Stonestown was in my adolescent life. Being able to take the 72 (now the 29) by ourselves to spend the day at the then vast outside mall! Our parents would give us $2.00 to get lunch at the "International Cafe" which would save us change for an icee at Woolworth's. Then head to the dressing rooms at Magnin's to play in the 4 sided mirrored rooms! 45's for .99 cents (Muscrat Love) at Portals and Hollie Hobbie stationary at the stationary store. But, I am stumped at the name of the "chincey" jewelery store where I got my ears pierced! I would be in great debt to anyone who can recall it. Good times at Stonestown. I later worked as Santa and the Easter Bunny's helper after graduating from Mercy then going to SFSU (big jump!). Anyways, awesome memories...thanks! PS> Remember trying to sneak downstairs into the "fitness club" underground? Was that real or just a strange memory??!!
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