08/22/02 - posted by Jim Mullany
I grew up during the 1950s on 19th Avenue and Vicente Streets and I recall shopping for school clothes with my mother at the Emporium. A neighbor of mine (a mother of a friend) worked in the baby department there for many years and years when many of the part time workers were mothers trying to earn some extra money. I especially recall the roof rides they had up on the Emporium's roof during the Christmas time. I recall riding on the big ferris wheel which would literally place you hanging over the edge of the roof as it made its run. Also, they had a mini roller coaster that would bring you right to the edge of the roof as it made some sharp turns. Going on those rides was a real big deal and a treat when I was a kid in the 1950s.

I also recall the record store with the sound proof booths where you could listen to the records you were interested in buying. I think the store management were tired of all the kids who came in just to listen to records with no intention (or money) to by.

The final memory really comes from my former wife who was in the first full graduation class at the new Lowell High School which was relocated out there from its old location. As might be expected, Stonestown became the hang out for many of the Lowell kids after school. The management of Stonestown were always devising ways to keep the kids out of the stores. I wonder if that is still the case with the Lowell students?

Jim Mullany
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