09/08/04 - posted by gloria
Do you remember the resturant underground where you could watch the swimmers while eating lunch? It was a health club. Stonestown was a great place.
I worked at Topps & Trowsers in 1977 before that company transfered me to Denver. I had been with The Emporium Downtown while putting myself through college. I lived in Park Merced during my last 3 years in San Francisco. I loved that area. There was always so much going on....
Too bad so many things have to change.....but I enjoyed your walk down memory lane. I have many of the same memories as you have. I bought my first formal at Emporium at Stonestown. I wore it to an S.I Dance in 1966......it cost $30.00, but it was just what I wanted and I promised my mom that I would wear it many more times. I did, but it was just the first of many formals that I bought at the Emporium.
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