12/20/03 - posted by Marc Leukhardt
God Bless Stonestown, I was fortunate to growup there with my brother Stephen... what a wonderful time too, my family was there from 1963-1993.. I feel so fortunate to have so many fond memories...Playing strikeouts at Lakeshore elementry,hoops at St. Stephens,Aptos Jr High,Lincoln HS,keggers at the "Bridge" ,fishing at Lake Merced, playing in "The Gully" and "Natzi" and hanging at the mall, and so many friends and families growing up there with such wonderful families and memories,Buscovitch,Bisbee,Henderson,Everliegh,Byrd, Eandi,Cole,Murphy,Armstrong,Adams,Corson, Holt, Norris, Falliano, Nelson, Wunderlich, Dingwall, McFarland, Brennan, and "The Twins" Randy and Stewart.... what a great place to grow up... thanks mom and dad, I'm glad we rented!
Marc Leukhardt
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