11/23/11 - posted by Myron Tessler
I used to spend a lot of time at the Playground, when I was a kid in the 40's. I went to the one on 19th between Geary and Anza, can't remember its' name but today it's called Argonne Playground. It was there that I developed some lifelong skills, besides stoop-stair baseball, line or crack tag, heets and billboard climbing, all of which were honed on my street (21st between Balboa and Cabrillo).
I was great at climbing the slide (is this an oxymoron?) both on the slide part (holding on to the sides and walking up the metal slippery part) and the structure itself. This particular slide was very tall, maybe 10-12 feet, and too scary to use the stairs.
The Monkey bars were ok but I could never get the swinging rythm going. For me it was one bar-at-a-time until I tired out and dropped.
The Rings echoed my lack of rythm too. Besides, it was generally too tall for me and the big kids used it, and besides they pushed us little kids away. I don't like rings.
The Basketball court was ok but it too was too tall for me, and besides the bigs kids pushed us out of the way. But I was good a Pole shaking. I could really get the Basketball Pole to shake by pushing it, in rythm too.
I learned to Fence climb there too. The Chain Link fence was just right for my keds to fit into the holes. This came in handy when the Playground was "officially" closed but we guys wanted to play anyhow.
Can't do those things now because my Playground on 19th has been rebuilt and improved into Argonne Playground.
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