11/03/11 - posted by jb
Interesting footage. I marvel at how the camera person was able to get them on the Cable Car and the 3 abreast shot in the front seat of the auto. Today, you could probably do a better job with a cell phone but for 1972, this was pretty cool.

I find it somewhat troubling that Lennon's creative genius seems on the wane although his charming and disarming wit was honed as ever. At this time his connection to Yoko seems somewhat suffocating but he didn't seem to mind and this is a day in his life, not mine.

Geraldo must use formaldehyde after-shave since he looks pretty well preserved after 39 years. Had to laugh at his question to Yoko about "was the GG bridge built?" Then I noticed she was born in 1933, so it is possible that it wasn't done when she was 3 years old.

Anyway, WM, thanks for posting this bit of history.

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