10/27/11 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Nearby the Leon's Barbecue place still stands vacant and forlorn. The spirit of the proprietor, Leon McHenry lives on through his grandson, described in the sanfranciscopreps.com website thusly: Washington's big-play threat Jamie McHenry will be a focus for the Mission defense on Friday [tomorrow]. Young Jamie is still hot sauce to the Sunset District running all over the Lincoln Mustangs.

Then, just a bit farther down Sloat: John’s Ocean Beach Café May Be Closing After 31 Years - http://sanfrancisco.grubstreet.com/2011/10/johns_ocean_beach_caf_may_be_c.html

As for Doggie Diner, I realize I'm a member of a fairly small group of San Franciscans taking delight in the eradication of the franchise. I thought it a sad day for San Francisco when southern California kitch invaded our city in Doggie Diner garb.
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