10/25/11 - posted by Patty
Hello everyone,

I am really interested in the history of speakeasies in San Francisco neighborhoods. I live in the Westwood district and on the garagae level we discovered behind the wall of the bathroom downstairs faucets for wine making. Apparently the owner of the house before us made wine downstairs. I am wondering if any of you have run across this in your own homes. Were there illegal wine making or beer making facilities in people's garages or cellars during prohibition times in local neighborhoods? Has anyone found evidence of speakeasies in local neighborhoods? I am really interested in collecting more info or attending talks on this subject. Any good books anyone would like to recommend?

Thanks so much,

Patty Hernandez

I don't know if the previous owner's family made wine in the basement cellar during prohibition times or if the owner just made it as a hobby. :)
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