10/12/11 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
The Sunset just lost another long-time resident with the passing of Marie Conti at age 98. Born in North Beach, she and her husband moved to 24th Avenue near Ortega as newlyweds in the late 1930s, and Marie lived in that house until recently. Her husband Louis was SF’s Tax Collector when he died suddenly in 1961, leaving her a widow with 2 college-age children. She continued with her own career in retail management, working until she was past 75. In her 90s, she still loved to travel with family and friends, and was also an avid walker, regularly seen on the paths around Sunset Reservoir, chatting with everyone she met.

In a series of “small world” episodes, we discovered over the years that: 1) Her nephew and I were good friends throughout S.I. and USF in the 1960s and 1970s; 2) Her husband and his brother were friends with my father and uncle at USF in the 1930s; 3) Marie and I worked together for the same company throughout the 1970s and 1980s; 4) We both lived in Costello-built houses just two blocks from each other; 5) She knew everyone that I knew who lived in St. Anne’s Parish in the late 1950s; 6) She became friends with my mother when they were both in their 70s, and they shared the same caregiver in their final years; 7) Marie knew more detail about old North Beach legends than anyone else still living; 8) She made the most incredible stuffed-onion appetizers that this appreciative consumer ever tasted.

Another lifetime of stories and memories, swirling in the fog…
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