09/30/11 - posted by John Martini
Just caught Paul Judge's WNP article about surfing at Ocean Beach and the role played by legendary surfer (and inventor of the wet suit) Jack O'Neill. Very cool.

I have a deeply embedded memory of driving with my grandpa along Great Highway in the 1950s and watching for one of my landmarks: the tall, totem-pole like sign reading SURF SHOP plunked on lower Great Highway. Being 5 or 6, I had never heard of surfing or surfers, and wondered what a "Surf Shop" might be. How does one sell surf? Was it like a pet shop but with little waves in cages instead of puppies? Didn't know I was looking at O'Neill's proto surfer store and a touchstone of California history.

Anyway, it's great to hear more about this little-told story of pioneer surfing at Ocean Beach. Write more, Paul.
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