06/22/11 - posted by Kevin Carroll
After seeing all the posts on the Sunset District page on Facebook about Carl Guerra, I sat down yesterday and wrote a short poem in his honor. Thought I'd share it here, too.

In Memory of Carl Guerra

West Sunset to St. Gabriel,
and places in between,
a special Sunset District man
could frequently be seen.
Hed ride up on his bicycle,
and flash his killer smile,
and then hed stay and talk with us
for more than just awhile.

His gentle charm and kindly ways
Endeared him to us all;
Hes now a Sunset legend,
hes a man we all recall.
He shared his simple life with us
and brightened up our days
a constant inspiration to us all
in many ways.

Wed see him down at Fairlane Foods
or near Ulloa School
wherever we would see him,
simple kindness was his rule.
Hed hang around South Sunset,
and hed watch us play some ball.
Hed cheer for all the kids he knew
he seemed to know us all.

Beep-beep, honk-honk, aaaoooogah!
Hed cruise slowly down the street,
and share his love and laughter
with the people he would meet.
He knew the names of almost all
the neighbors he would see,
and everyone knew Carl,
for thats the way it had to be.

Im grateful for the memories
and for the gifts he shared.
One thing was clear about our Carl
you always knew he cared.
The Sunset District Facebook group
remembers Carl with love.
We know hes watching over us
and smiling from above.
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