09/04/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
jb - Definitely read the book! I think it's more fun that the movie - and the movie is a lot of fun!

How cool that your grandparents owned the Pickwick!

Even after years of working in and opening hotels - and the long hours and tons of work - I still have a penchant for them - especially older properties.

I opened the Westin SFO and got to spend a lot of time at the St Francis during the pre-opening days. The back of the house definitely recalls the days of staff was not seen or heard!

Those rooms and hallways really have a lot of stories to tell.

And at my advancing age, every now and again I'll see an ad for an F&B position and feel the adrenalin start to rush. And then I remember I got out of that business when I was 37 because it was a young persons' job.
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