05/01/23 - posted by Tim Dineen
I opened the Westin SFO in 1987. A kid I worked with named Sean had transferred out from Chicago and when St Paddy's Day rolled around, he went onandonandon about how great Chicago was on St Paddy's...

I decided to show him how great SF was...

My grandparents had lived at 2nd and Clement and my father was well known at the local establishments. I popped in regularly enough to be recognized, although I wasn't a regular regular of any of the places.

We hit Irelands 32, Pat O'Shea's, Plough & Stars, Abbey Tavern, and, at some point, made it to The Jolly Friar.

We got head-of-line entrance everywhere because everyone knew my dad. I introduced Sean from Chicago and free drinks rolled. We spent next to nothing and had hangovers for three days.

In 1989, I went to work at SFGH and put those days far behind me!
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