05/06/11 - posted by Kevin

Willie took my friend & I to our St. Cecilia's 'Father & Son' dinner back in 64'.
My good friend Bob & I walked up to Willie's house (as we knew he was a guest speaker) since my Dad had passed 2 years before & Bob's lay in the VA's Ft. Miley.
I rang the 'Forest Hills' doorbell & the maid answered with wide eyes. We explained our situation, she smiled asking us to wait.
She came back & asked us to follow her. Here we were walking up the 'staircase to heaven' & in we strode into Willie's bedroom! There he was lying in bed shirtless reading fan-mail. The story was re-told. When we finished he instructed us to be @ his home @ 7:00 pm. The hours dragged by but there we were, cruising down Taraval in a mint green Coupe De Ville(lic.# WHM 024 ) 1st to the rectory for cocktails (Roy Rogers please)with Msgr.Collind presiding. Then on over with da MAN into the d.stairs auditorium to the astonishment of all our buddies.

What a night...

: )
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