04/28/11 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
The Chronicle has repeatedly referred to SF’s new police chief, Greg Suhr, as being an “old boy” because of his education at two Outside Lands schools, S.I. and USF. Disliking the misuse of any stereotypes in journalism, I sent Chron columnist C.W. Nevius a brief email this morning, noting the following facts, which are easily available to the Chronicle and to the general public:

• S.I. has been coeducational for more than 20 years.
• The current student body of 1,450 has slightly more females than males.
• Over 36% of the student population is other than Caucasian.
• Nearly 25% of the students are other than Catholic.
• Over 90% of the faculty are lay men and women (majority women).

• USF has been fully coeducational for 50 years this year.
• Student body of 9,100 comes from 80 different countries around the globe.
• Student body has a 65% female majority, and more than 60% people of color.
• Only 42% of the students self-identify as Catholic (2008).
• Here, too, over 90% of the faculty are lay men and women (majority women).

Things aren’t the same as they used to be, and neither are references to “old boy” schools.

(For the record, C.W. sent me a polite 6-word acknowledgment: “Fair enough. Thanks for the input”.)

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