04/11/11 - posted by patrick
In the '40's being allowed to roam anywhere we wished in our City made for such super adventures. Every Sat. our band met in a GG Park meadow hard by my home. So much adventure was offered. And we did them all. From the large GG Park, Sutro Forest, OB, China Beach, the Sand Dunes, Ball bearing coasters on the hills, Playland, Aquatic Park. The many Playgrounds, Ball Parks, CYO, the Irving Cinema, the Creameries, Seals Stadium. Our Downtown with the new escalators and the Grand Theaters, the Silver Palace Market, and the YMI. There was Sutros, Fleishacker's, the Zoo, Golden Gate Heights and my list goes on and on. And some folks felt sorry for city kids with nothing to do like in the country.
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