04/11/11 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Saturday matinees at the Balboa was the highest delight. We kids living west of the Balboa would snowball, i.e., the farthest away kid would ring the bell of the next kid who would ring the bell of the next kid until we picked up Don Silverman just up 37th from the Balboa. We bought our popcorn in those four sided containers that we would flatten and throw to the screen with the occasional missile sticking to the screen. Or, we would put our feet into these popcorn containers and shuffle down the carpeted aisle. There would be a feature film, a Laurel and Hardy (or similar) short, and a serial, all interspersed with cartoons. One day not too long ago I asked Gary Meyer, current proprietor of the Balboa, whether he ever considered reviving the Saturday matinees. He responded that kids were no longer interested in spending four hours at the show. Sigh!

PS: I remember the phrase 'going to the show' used for going to the movies. Anyone else remember that?
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