04/13/11 - posted by W. M.
Well, after a FULL MONDAY - FRIDAY WEEK of going to school, doing homework, and then playing with friends with the leftover time, Saturdays were like a vacation. We did everything from a movie matinee at the Parkside to exploring the "pre SI" sand dunes, GG Park, Steinhart Aquarium/Academy of Sciences, Sigmund Stern Grove/Pine Like (gotta love catching crawdads), the Zoo, the Beach, Playland...etc. Sometimes we would play basketball at R.L. Stevenson schoolyard which was staffed with one of those Park and Rec guys we called "Nooch", or Sunset Playground's gym if it was raining. There seemed to be no end to the places to go or things to do...and we did them ALL.

Boredom only existed during the school week while being stuck in a classroom and doing homework after school, but even the school day was broken up with recess and a good game of teatherball or dodge ball. As kids, we were happy with simple things and would have just as much fun burning ants with a magnifying glass as we would on the rides at Playland. Who amongst us didn't LOVE being in the Lion House at the Zoo on a Saturday at feeding time with the roars sending a chill down our spines? Our "activities" were imaginative, usually free (or cheap), and A TON OF FUN.

Oh, and if you got hungry on the walk home, duck into your favorite grocery store's butcher shop for a free slice of bologna or a hot dog (where everybody knows your name...).

Another great thing about Saturdays is that it was also followed by Sunday when you could spend a good part of the day doing the things you didn't get to on Saturday.

*singing* Saturday in the park, I think it was the fourth of July...
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