04/12/11 - posted by Mary-Ann
Saturdays for me began with the radio - no TV for several years yet. 'Let's Pretend' was my most favorite program and later in the morning came 'Grand Central Station' among others. There was nothing comparable to lying on your bed listening to the radio and visualizing what was happening in that world of the airwaves.

Like Jo Anne, we played with our dolls and I much enjoyed playing with my little family in the doll house. I also played a lot with my dog and bugged my dad to play gin rummy with me. My mother would not allow me to have roller skates (her pet fear, that of my falling down and getting TB of the bone - is there really such a thing?). I was not deterred - I had friends who let me borrow their old clamp-on with a key skates and we raced and skated up and down hills. I was never found out - and Mom was such a sensible woman in all other things. We friends also rode our bikes all over and just hung out at one another's homes all the time, too.

As I grew older I got jobs - not as young as you, jb, but at about thirteen my aunt put me to work at her secreterial service business during the summer and at nearly sixteen I went to work at the Balboa. Yes, Paul, we always went to the show! I usually worked Saturday nights, but traded with the girl who worked the kids' matinees every so often. There was always a lineup before the show started. Fun days.

P.S. And, jb, did you ever imagine you would see Bob Dylan doing a show in Ho Chi Minh city? I guess the Times, They Are a'Changin' again - deja vu...
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