03/23/11 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
I will go stand with Mary Ann in the Economic Downfall Corner! However, I still got 81.82% and am rather proud of it!! (Thanks for that great link, jb.)

All of this is part of the ongoing debate about Dumbing Down, isn't it? A few years ago, I worked in an office with a nice young (27 yr.) woman who actually had attended 2 years of business college. She could not spell, punctuate, or compose a coherent business letter or report to save her life. She was also eventually barred from putting files back into the cabinets because her alphabet skills were not exactly up to snuff. She once mentioned she had maintained a solid B average - this told me the education she had received was sorely lacking in even the basics.

I am glad I was educated during a time when "standards of excellence" actually meant something.

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