02/17/11 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
JB: You mentioned: "Little Egypt unfolding" Was that one of her dances in the 1893 Chicago Colombian Exposition?

As for 'The Haight' vs. 'Haight Ashbury' a true San Franciscan when hearing the initials 'HHH' thinks not of Hubert Horatio Humphrey but of California Governor Henry Huntley Haight. Haight Street, however, was likely named for Governor Haight's uncle also named Henry Haight. There was a Henry Haight elected to the 1854 board of assistant aldermen and served as president of this board. This Alderman Haight was likely Uncle Henry rather than Governor Henry.

Please forgive the weasel word likely above as local historians argue forever on which street was named for whom. In addition to the great property destruction of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, most city records were lost.
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