02/15/11 - posted by jb

Wow...this is like Little Egypt unfolding and I really am enjoying all the comments and input about increasing the boundaries of the WNP.

Personally, I think Woody hits the nail on the head by citing the fact that the Haight, regardless of location, is steeped in lore and legend and deserves its own organization and, having created a blueprint and working model, it is now easier for neighborhoods to organize, develop and explore their own special identities through similar efforts.

Certainly, this would not preclude any one of us from participating in these efforts and/or enjoying and contributing to their wealth of oral and pictorial history.

Anyone who has built up a business or remodeled a kitchen can tell you expansion is never easy or cheap.

So if given a vote, mine is to keep things the way they are with respect to boundaries while considering Cole Valley if feasible an dappropriate.


PS: Am I wrong, or are natives more inclined to call it "the Haight" rather than "Haight-Ashbury"
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