02/15/11 - posted by Tim Dineen
Wow! You folks actually jogged a few cobwebs loose in this failing sea of gray cells once known as my brain!

I do recall OUTSIDE LANDS being everything outside of the official city limits and the inclusion of the "western addition" and a couple other "additions" from the original charter whose names I don't recall.

With each subsequent "addition" the outside lands got smaller until we were left with the Sunset District - uninhabitable because of fog and fleas.

The Haight is rich in its own history and, I think, because of it's 1960's renown, would overpower the rest of WNP. And Cole Valley is the Haight by any other name...

My great aunt lived on Waller and Belvedere in the early years after the earthquake, her sister owned a rooming house on Sutter and Fillmore from the early '30s until she died in 1948. My fathers parents lived on Haight Street when they first moved to SF from Omaha in 1943. I have an emotional attachment to many parts of the city.

While it may be historically accurate to include the Haight and Cole Valley within the Outside Lands for the purposes here, I'm not convinced it would be the right thing to do.
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